CSR – our policies

We are a responsible, experienced and quality conscious pig trader and although our standards are the highest,

we always strive to do even better. We run the business with responsibility and care and we act according to our policies.

Mutual trade

Our mission is simple: We will make a good deal where both Danish farmers as well as European customers can optimize their productivity and profits. Therefore, our customized and professional intermediation is fundamental to provide customized solutions. We select the pigs on the basis of the customer’s capacity, health conditions and general preferences; Moreover, we manage to fulfil, that every customer deserves the best service and highest quality.

Animal welfare & responsibility

We have a strong focus on animal welfare and strive to be “one step ahead” in terms of animal welfare. We have a number of EU approvals, special Danish approvals and are in voluntary systems: DANISH and QS. Our trucks are equipped with the latest solutions with focus on animal welfare and the environment, all of this is to protect the environment and ensure a convenient and comfortable transport for the pigs. You can read more about our trucks here and the approvals here.

High standards generate quality

As a responsible pig trader, we strive for high standards in the deliveries. We act according to the motto “well done can always be done better”. Livestock requires a responsible approach, which we can guarantee thanks to our own exceptional quality controls and standards with the main focus on animal welfare and safe transport. Moreover, we have increased cleaning standards in our trucks and export stable and yes, we dare to say that: We have the cleanest export stable with the lowest risk of infection and contamination in Denmark.


In order to maintain the high standards and top quality, we focus on our own controls of animal well-being, health status and quality of delivery. We have a professional consultant who double-check the pigs, well-trained drivers that monitor the delivery quality, stable employees who are trained in handling livestock, our own and unique database of pig farms and strict hygiene and cleaning rules in our export stable. We highly prioritize control systems to maintain quality deliveries and trust.


Our steady growth is due to the quality, guaranteed by our qualified employees. We focus on development and the person behind, and as a responsible employer, we take care of our staff. We have AEDs both in the office and in the export stable, moreover, we organize first aid courses as well as offering health insurance. In addition, we focus on community – together we are stronger, and we regularly organize activities for employees.

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