“It is in our blood” 

Vinderslev salg grise

Cattle trader Vinderslev

Niels Vinderslev

Niels Vinderslev

The company’s experience and interest in trading livestock actually goes more than 100 years back and today it is the 4th generation that runs the business. Apart from the previous generations; great-grandfather Niels Vinderslev, grandfather Jens Chr. Andersen and father Ingvar Vinderslev, who all traded in horses and cattle, it is Niels Vinderslev who founded the company as we know it today. It began as mentioned with trade in cattle and horses and with time the company has adapted to the end consumer’s preferences, and now we specialize in the trading of Danish production pigs and slaughter animals. Danish pig production is known for its efficiency, high health status and production focusing on animal welfare. Niels Vinderslev, son of Ingvar Vinderslev, has always had a vision about delivering high quality. He has built up a large network of Danish pig producers, that the next generation has improved, which has ensured supplies of high quality. The family Vinderslev have spotted the right skills and market needs, and have kept up with the latest development and is today one of the leading pig traders in Denmark.

 Niels Vinderslevs 1st truck in 1965

Niels Vinderslev made sure more than 20 years ago, that the company continues its positive development, high customer satisfaction and quality supplies. His two sons Michael and Rene and his daughter Rikke have gone through all the steps in the hierarchy ladder in terms of the tasks by exporting pigs; from visiting farmers, sorting pigs in the export stable to dealing at international level. In addition to solid trading education and employment with the company since 1995 Niels’ successors hold the best skills and experience. Thanks to good customer influx and satisfaction the company has grown from a small pig trader with few employees and two trucks to a strong player on the Danish and European markets with more than 40 employees, 21 own trucks and own export stables and transport base. The company today is a proud family business with good expectations for future development, and with such an experienced management and excellent skills, pigs export of the highest quality and best standards are guaranteed.

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