Sales security by export

Guarantee for sales security by export

We are specialized in quality deliveries of Danish piglets. Over 50 years of experience and close cooperation with Danish farmers give us a solid foundation with professionalism and the highest standards in focus. We cooperate with many farmers in Denmark, thus we have a large database of both piglets, pigs, sows and breeding animals in any health status and weight. We sell both loose herds where the price is based on the quotations and contract deliveries with fixed price.

Your pigs in our hands are our shared responsibility for a good deal

The best solution for the individual customer comes from a close dialogue and a knowledgeable cooperation. When we trade piglets for you, it is basically to create safety about sales with focus on sales security. There is fierce competition in the piglet market, where quality becomes the crucial parameter. We strive to be one step ahead and therefore we would like you to join us.

Sales, pickup and transport are planned based on the piglets’ health status and size. Safety is greatly increased by the use of our own trucks and export stables, as this reduces the risk of infection for your herd. In addition, our reloading stable facilities provide the best possibilities for control and sorting, and therefore export buyers re-choose us for other export stables in Denmark.

Your piglets are your money, and yes, size is important!

What do you have in the stable?

Team Vinderslev wants the best results for your sales and thank you for your confidence in our professionalism when trading your pigs.

In order for us to ensure sales security for you as well as quality of delivery and safety at the recipient, it is important that we have a close cooperation about which piglets you have in your stables. This applies from the quantity, health status, vaccinations and size of the piglets.

Accurate information is crucial to your piglets’ future well-being at the recipient, optimal fattening results and re-ordering of your piglets. You may find that we often ask for the same thing, so we have optimized our database where we need current information and we want you to fill out the Information Form. You can fill out the same form on

Remember! By registration, the size of the smallest and largest pig must be stated. The normal weight requirement is that the smallest pig weighs 25 kg and the largest pig 35 kg, with an average weight of 28 kg up to 32 kg. If your piglets’ weight deviates from this on delivery, it must be notified to us as soon as possible, but no later than the day before the pick-up, in order to avoid problems that may cost you deductions in the price.

Typical challenges for the recipient when the piglets deviate from the agreed

Too small approx. 20 kg

  • Stable conditions
  • Incorrect start-up fodder
  • Risks of higher medical expenses
  • Extended fattening period

Too large approx. 40 kg

  • Export sanctions from FVST
  • Expansion of load density (3 floors of transport)
  • Fines for the haulier
  • Lack of payment for extra kg

There can be expensive consequences for you when:

  • The weight distribution deviates from the agreed, it will result in regulation in the surcharge
  • Health status or vaccinations that have been stated incorrectly can result in compensation for major medical expenses, infection etc.
  • Piglets that are detained by FVST cannot be returned to the farm without you losing the Danish approval
  • Lack of ear tags can result in fines from FVST and extra billing for marking in the export stable
  • The piglets’ extended stay in the export stable cause additional costs that are settled per piglet until a new buyer is found

If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact our quality coordinator Troels Lange, +4520802037,

We will continuously carry out weight controls on all the loads in the export stables in Randers and Rousthøje, where the smallest and largest piglets are weighed.

Best regards

Team Vinderslev

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