Trading in DK

Trading in Denmark

We offer buying and selling piglets for sale in Denmark as well as for export. Furthermore, we offer the purchase of slaughter animals for Danish and foreign slaughterhouses.

What do we request?

All health status piglets with weight spread of 25-35 kg.
All lots of piglets from 200 pcs. and up.

If your herd is not registered in SPF-SuS, you must be able to document the health status by blood samples (max. 6 months old). We must have open insight into health status in order to ensure optimal composition and handling of the pigs. Moreover, good insight into your herd means that we can sell faster and often at better prices.

We gladly receive registrations of young sows and boars. This type of pig can be more differentiated in weight distribution and looks different than piglets for fattening. Do you have a proliferation herd with young sows and boars for sale, or do you want to buy the same, contact us and we will help you in the best way.

Danske grise til eksport, kvalitet og højeste stadarder giver god handel

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