Why us

Quality trade – always

N.V. Randers-A/S, VDT, Niels Vinderslev

We are a responsible and effective trader of Danish piglets and we always aim to be one step ahead. Our established supply chain allows us to be one of the largest pig traders in Denmark and we strive to build long-term relationships with our customers. We set high standards for ourselves to ensure the delivery of Danish quality pigs, read more about our policies. In order to serve our customers in the best possible way, we keep updated with market news and the development of international pig production. We offer professional sales and counselling in addition the best service and highest standards, read about our export stables. We participate in the EuroTier fair in Germany, in addition, we are a member of SamMark (Fælles organisation for Kreaturhandlernes Landsforening, Foreningen af danske Eksportmarkeder og Dalko), and participate in the voluntary Danish system DANISH and the German QS quality system.

Always 3 steps ahead – effective trader


First step is monitoring: To ensure observance of our high standards, we GPS-track our trucks and we have interactive electronic weighbridge, which can be checked over the Internet at any time. In addition, we have our own unique IT-system developed specifically for our company, where the piglets’ health status, vaccination plans etc. is registered regardless of whether the farmer participates in the SPF-SuS register or not. All of this contributes to providing the best possible service and ensures the customer a transparent trade.

Second steps are standards: Our increased cleaning standards in our trucks and export stable make us dare to say that: We have the cleanest export stable with the lowest risk of infection and contamination in Denmark. Our own controls and standards ensure us the best quality. In addition, our trucks are among the best equipped transport vehicles for livestock.

Third step is counselling: We have taken it a step further, as our professional consultant Henrik Nielsen can visit the Danish farmers for the optimization, control and collection of information in a given herd. We also offer counselling and professional visits to our export customers. We also provide guided visits where both Danish and foreign farmers can share experiences.

Professional consultant – Danish quality piglets


In September 2015 we employed Henrik Nielsen as a professional consultant. He is an expert in, in collaboration with the farmer, to optimize herds, thus ensuring a high quality of Danish piglets. » It is important to constantly pay attention to the quality of piglets you sell. Otherwise, you quickly risk that you cannot sell your piglets. « Henrik Nielsen explains. Based on the observations in the export stables, he can quickly contact the farmer and possibly come to visit to discuss whether action must be taken to address the problems in the bud. One of Henrik Nielsen’s tasks is to collect herd vaccination plans from farmers who sell piglets to us. The vaccination plans are comparable to the current health status of the herd and can also be used as documentation for buyers. Call us and talk to Henrik Nielsen about how he can help you and your herd, or fill out the contact form.

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DANISH + QS + our own quality standards – we are responsible

As a responsible and efficient trader of Danish piglets, we are voluntary in the DANISH system (that is the Danish pig industry’s product standard). DANISH approved pig farms are visited at least every three years by an independent inspection body. NV-Randers A/S is DANISH approved both as trader, haulier and export stable for livestock. The standard of the DANISH product standard must ensure and document that Danish pig breeding comply with Danish legislation and trade requirements with particular focus on animal welfare, high food safety and a clear traceability in all Danish pig farms.

Pig farms approved under the DANISH system are also automatically approved to deliver to the German QS-system. The German quality securing system QS (Qualität und Sicherheit) consists of different product standards describing how production is to be carried out and what it is supposed to live up to in all stages of the supply chain from feed to retailer. Compliance with the standard is documented by verification visits conducted by an independent body.

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