Transport of the purchased and sold piglets takes place within Denmark and from Denmark throughout Europe. Our employees are professionals and we have excellent facilities both for our own and our customers’ drivers.



_51W0492We have at our disposal 21 special-built trucks which each can load about 900 piglets. Our trucks meet all requirements for the transport of livestock and are fully equipped with drinking water, sprinklers and ventilation, temperature-controlled monitoring alarm and air suspension. The trucks are satellite monitored and certified for animal transport.

In addition, our trucks use AdBlue to decompose nitrogen oxides in the exhaust and Michelin tires, which are more durable, quieter and shock absorbing. All this is to protect the environment and ensure a convenient and comfortable transport for the piglets, with absolutely minimal noise and maximized convenience in the trucks.

Furthermore, all our recent trucks are equipped with the latest within security, including ACC (adaptive cruise control), AEB (advanced emergency breaking), LDW (lane departure warning), ESP (electronic stability program), as well as automatic gearshift, to ensure increased safety, optimum comfort for the drivers and lower fuel consumption.

We own 3 special-built SPF-trucks for the transport of breeding animals, newly weaned 7 kg’s and piglets free of diseases. During cold periods, the trucks can be heated, and during hot periods the piglets can be sprinkled with water.

All trucks have safety flooring and are always filled with oven-dried sawdust before each transport. The pigs have plenty of space, as the requirements in both Danish law and “EU´s forordning om beskyttelse af dyr under transport” is complied with.SPF biler


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